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What are the Common Causes of Earwax Buildup? 

Earwax Buildup

Ear Wax (Cerumen impaction) is a buildup wax in your ears usually used to trap dust and germs and helps to protect your ears from getting infected. You may wonder how an enclosed surface is open to getting infected or what causes excessive ear wax inside your ears.

Well, The germs and dust normally present in the environment can easily enter your ear. After entering, they get stuck into your ear wax. It’s a natural way for your body to protect itself from germs or toxins getting inside.

Most of the time, the wax gets out on its own. But sometimes, it sticks and keeps on catching impurities, growing in size. Although It’s not harmful and can be easily removed by some simple steps, it can still cause hearing issues and discomfort.

While Ear Wax Removal Clinics UK is here to provide you with the most efficient microsuction ear wax removal in London, this blog will tell you about some of the most common causes of earwax buildup. Let’s begin!

What Causes Ear Wax Buildup

Getting Ear wax is a very common problem, happening to almost everyone. Based on studies, Approximately 13% of children and 7% of adults have it. In another study of 1507 adults examined for loss of hearing, 2.1% had cerumen impaction. Also, in the UK, around 2.3 million suffer from cerumen impaction.

Every individual makes ear wax, but the amount of ear wax produced by each one of them most of the time depends upon some factors. These factors can help you determine why and what causes ear wax buildup. The living conditions, the habitat, and genetics can be the answer. Considering Genetics, smaller ear canals can lead to less buildup, while larger canals can get to greater buildup.

Blockage or infection normally happens when the wax is pushed deep under the ear canal through a cotton bud or a swab in a failed try of cleaning, also by using other objects like bobby pins or the corner of a towel. These can remove the outer non-hard wax, but the inner hard wax gets pushed inside. Some of these characteristics can also be the reason for what causes wax buildup in ears.

  • Your ear produces hard and dry wax, naturally.
  • You have hairy and narrow ear canals.
  • You are in an Old age, as wax becomes hard and dry at an older age.
  • You have developmental disabilities.
  • You have bony regions grown in the outer ear canal.
  • You have skin conditions like Eczema.
  • You use ear plugs and hearing aids constantly, often without cleaning them.

Symptoms For Ear Wax Buildup

To recognise between a normal wax buildup and an infection is necessary. For that, here are some symptoms listed to help you go through your condition and recognise what causes excessive ear wax:

  • Less Hearing
  • Dizziness
  • Ear Pain
  • Cough
  • Ringing sensation in Ear

More chronic symptoms can be:

  • Greater pain
  • Itching
  • Drainage from the ear

Ear canals can also be blocked by using ear plugs, cotton buds or swabs, and other hearing aids that are to be inserted in the ear canal constantly.

When to see a Doctor?

Ear wax blockage that has zero symptoms or only one symptom can sometimes clear up on its own. It is a very common condition that can happen to anyone. Ensure that it’s not causing you other problems. If it does, You can contact your health provider to get checked up or to know more about what causes ear wax buildup. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Don’t trust the symptoms:

If there are symptoms promising ear wax buildup, it’s not necessary to be true always. Some symptoms can coincide with the symptoms of other conditions, too. It’s important to get yourself checked by a health provider.

Don’t remove your own earwax:

Don’t try to remove your ear wax at home on your own. Ear wax can be perfectly removed by a professional. Trying to remove it at home can lead to further infection or blockage. Don’t try to put anything inside your ear like a key, a bobby pin, or a cotton bud, especially if you have had surgery or perforation or having pain and drainage from your ear.

What Happens If Cerumen Impaction Is Left Untreated?

If cerumen impaction is not treated, the wax buildup can start to get drier and harder. This can lead to your symptoms to be worse. Also, the buildup can make it difficult to examine your ear, leaving other conditions undiagnosed.

At-Home Solutions For Ear Wax Build-Up:

It’s better to be treated by a professional, but some of these at-home solutions can help you ease your pain:

Clean your ears properly:

Try to clean your ear with a cotton cloth after taking a bath or shower. Dry as much water as you can. You should not use cotton buds or swabs to clean your inner canals, as it may push the buildup deep inside your ear. Although, some excess wax would be removed, making you think you did it.

Ear Irrigation:

Irrigating your ear or syringing means cleaning your ear canal with a saline solution or water by rinsing it. This is usually done with a bulb-type syringe and the water at body temperature to avoid dizziness. Normally, before irrigating your ear, you should use cerumenolytic solutions first to make the wax soft. After that, you can irrigate your ear.

Use Ear Wax Dissolving Solutions:

There are several Ear wax dissolving solutions (cerumenolytic solutions) available in the market. You can use these solutions with a drop or two on the affected area inside the ear. Try to lie on your opposite side so the solution doesn’t drip out and stays in there for a while. The solutions are listed below:

  • Saline solution.
  • Glycerin.
  • Baby oil.
  • Ear drops based on peroxides or Hydrogen peroxide.
  • Mineral oil.
  • Wax Removal By a Professional.

Your healthcare professional or ENT specialist might examine your ear first. After examining, they will professionally remove the wax buildup or prescribe you cerumenolytic solutions to soften the wax. After the wax gets softer, on the next visit to your hp, the wax will be removed. The majority of them use the Micro suction ear wax removal method to remove your ear wax.

Micro suction removal is a painless, easy, and quick procedure where the HP will insert a small device inside your ear canal. On the insertion, it will suck the already softened ear wax easily. The sucked wax would be emptied into a trash tray or can. It’s a painless and completely safe procedure.

To Wrap Up:

So that’s how and what causes wax buildup in ears; you can still get wax buildup even if you clean your ear correctly. It’s a natural defense of your body. Whether it’s caused by your living habits or genetics, they’ll still be a part of your life. Don’t panic when you have it; just take the necessary measures and get your wax removed from your healthcare provider. You can get in touch with Ear Wax Removal Clinics UK if ear wax buildup is a regular problem for you.