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How Does It Work?

Simple & safe microsuction procedure

Step 1

Our audiologists will discuss your patient history

Step 2

We undertake a
pre-otoscopic examination

Step 3

We then safely remove the earwax by microsuction

Step 4

Finally we perform a
post-otoscopic examination

Why Choose Us?

At all of our clinics we always ensure we have

Fully Qualified Staff

All of our team are highly
qualified audiologists, registered by HCPC

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We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service to every patient

Convenient Locations

Each clinic has been chosen for its great location with easy access & transport links

Clear Pricing

Every clinic follows our clear and honest pricing structure with no hidden fees

Safety First

We only use the safe and pain-free method of microsuction at all clinics

Ear Wax Removal Clinics UK, Microsuction

At Ear Wax Removal Clinics UK we specialise in the safe removal of excessive ear wax using the microsuction process. We have clinics across the UK offering patients an affordable and local service. If you are suffering from painful or blocked ears, then please use our search tool to find your local clinic and request an appointment online.

We have ensured that every clinic across the UK has a specialist team of highly qualified audiologists using the latest microsuction technology so that the process is pain-free for our clients.

Signs Of Excessive Ear Wax

Itchy Ears

Hearing Loss

(noises in the ear)


Hollow Or Deep
Sounding Voice

Whistle From
Hearing Aids