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About Us

At our clinics we offer safe ear wax removal using microsuction, performed by our highly trained Audiologists across the UK in one of our ear wax removal clinics.

Our ear wax removal service was created so that patients who are suffering from blocked ears have the option to find a professional and affordable clinics close to their home. If you are suffering from painful or blocked ears, then please use our website to search for your local clinic and request a booking.

Approximately 1 in 15 people in the UK suffer from excessive earwax, which can sometimes be mistaken for a permanent loss of hearing.

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Microsuction Earwax Removal

Throughout our UK based clinics our team use the safe and affordable method of microsuction to professional remove any ear wax build up. Once you have requested your appointment you will then meet with our audiologists/earwax removal practitioners at your local clinic who then check to ensure that you do require our microsuction service. If required we will then carry our the safe removal of your excess earwax.

Although small amounts of earwax are needed to ensure ear canals remain healthy, larger accumulations can block the ear, resulting in a loss of hearing. Many of our patients show typical signs of excessive ear wax which includes itchy ears, pain, ringing of the ears, and hearing loss.