Ear Wax Removal Basingstoke

Ear wax is a natural substance generated by the glands in the ear canal. It lubricates and saves the ear against dust, bacteria, foreign bodies, and debris. Additionally, the amount of earwax generated varies from person to person and will generally fall out by itself and does not cause any issues. When this occurs, professional ear wax removal Basingstoke is the best way to get it treated. Get in touch with us if you are in need of ear wax removal in Basingstoke or any of the surrounding areas.

Signs that you may have excessive earwax:

·         Blocked or pressure feeling in the ears

·         Reduction in hearing

·         Feeling when more blocked when using softening agents

·         Whistling from hearing aids

What about ear syringing?

Ear syringing is a technique of ear wax removal using a syringe of water to dispel any wax from the ear. Ear irrigation is similar as it also needs water; anyway, it is performed under a managed pressure. When you do syringing, there is an increased danger of infection. During ear syringing the practitioner is also working blind and is not capable of viewing the eardrum or wax during the procedure. It is also unsuitable for perforated eardrums. That is why microsuction earwax removal is seen as the gold standard in earwax management.

Advantages of professional ear wax removal Basingstoke

The skin on the inside of the ear canal is extremely sensitive and can be destroyed easily. We do not suggest you attempt ear wax removal at home using cotton buds. The force closes to your eardrum and can cause further issues, making ear wax removal more challenging.

Microsunction advantages

·         Taster than ear syringing

·         Restored hearing

·         Clearer view of eardrum and canal

·         Less chance of ear infections

·         Less chance of dizziness matched to ear syringing

·         No messy water used unlike ear syringing

·         Safe with perforation

Why choose ear wax removal Basingstoke

Most audiology clinics don’t have audiologists experienced in wax removal. Ours are professional and trained at determining the best technique for wax removal and regularly do ear cleaning. We are skilled at using micro-suction, tools and loops occasionally use syringing if the wax is very soft and deep. Our audiologists have a head worn surgical scope for amazing depth perception so we can see clearly down the canal when removing the buildup. We use the same techniques for ear cleaning as ENT surgeons. We are happy to do ear removal for medical professionals and doctors who do not routinely perform ear cleaning.